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St. Croix Parts Available


   Part #    Description
80P20278-R   Auger Motor
80P50560-R   Cam
80P20001-R   Combustion Fan
80P21347-B   Control Board
80P22348B-R   Control Board
80P30523-R   Control Board
80P20003-R   Convection Fan
80P20245-R   Gasket (Auger Motor)
80P20168-R   Gasket (Combustion Fan (housing to stove))
80P60487-R   Gasket (Combustion Fan (motor to housing))
80P20020-R   Gasket (Convection Fan)
80P20196-R   Gasket (Convection Fan)
80P20027-R   Gasket (Glass, 3/4")
80P20026-R   Gasket (Glass, 5/8")
80P52727-R   Igniter
80P20038-R   Proof of Fire Switch
80P20040-R   Rheostat Knob
98360A100-R   Self Locking Twist Pin
80P50553-R   Spacer
80P20340-R   Spring
80P52629-R   Switch (Manual Reset High Limit)
80P30658-R   Switch (Vacuum/Pressure)
80P52628-R   Vacuum Switch
80P52953-R   Versa Grate Bracket Assembly
80P20296B-R   Versa Grate Motor (with nuts)
80P53402-R   Versa Grate Motor Bracket






















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