Harman Convection Blower
October 22, 2019
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October 22, 2019

Harman Convection Blower

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Replacement Harman Accentra Insert Distribution blower. This is a factory direct distribution or convection blower for Harman pellet stoves. This is the blower motor that blows the warm air out of the stove and into your room.  Fits the following Harman pellet stove models:

  • Accentra Insert
  • Invincible Insert
  • Super Mag Stoker (Coal Stove)

This blower was updated from the 2 wire style to a 4 wire design (pictured) because some newer units have a 3 speed blower which uses the additional wires. If the blower you are replacing was a two wire blower, you will need to follow direction for hooking up the correct wires.

Harman part # 3-21-47120
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Note for Invincible Inserts: We have conflicting information from Harman about serial number ranges on the Invincible Insert which this fits. Before ordering this part please remove your old blower and double check that this motor will fit.

The dimensions for this blower are 11 1/4 wide and it is 4 3/8 tall from the bottom of the housing to the top of the grounding screw.

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