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October 22, 2019
Harman Igniter Cradle
October 22, 2019

Harman Snap Disc (Blower)

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SKU: 3-20-408412

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Replacement 110-20 snap switch for Harman gas and wood stoves. This is the snap disc that controls the blower/fan. Fits the following Harman stove models:

Harman Gas Stove Models:

  • Clarity 929 B-Vent
  • Clarity 929 DV
  • Clarity 828i Insert
  • Shadowlight XL

Harman Wood and Coal Stove Models:

  • Oakleaf
  • TL2.0
  • TL2.6

Harman part number 3-20-408412
OEM Harman part.
Comparable aftermarket part available HERE

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