Quadra-Fire Aftermarket Convection Blower
October 22, 2019
Quadra-Fire Thermocouple Cover
October 22, 2019

Quadra-Fire Convection Blower Snap-Disc

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SKU: SRV230-0960

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Replacement 125-20 ceramic snap disc for Quadra-Fire pellet, gas and wood stoves. Also, this part is known as a thermodisc or snap switch. Fits the following Quadra-Fire stove models:

Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves:

  • Contour (Snap disc #1)
  • Mt. Vernon OE (Snap Disc #1)

Quadra-Fire Wood Stoves:

  • 5100-I ACT

Quadra-Fire Gas Stoves:

  • Columbia Bay
  • Columbia Bay Insert
  • Garnet-MBK
  • Garnet-T
  • GBDV-40
  • Hudson Bay FS
  • Hudson Bay Insert
  • DVI-32
  • Garnet (DV250)
  • Remington Fireplace (QFP40)
  • Remington (QFP30)
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz

Quadra-Fire part # SRV230-0960
OEM Quadra-Fire part

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