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March 12, 2020
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SBI Maintenance Gasket Kit

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SKU: AC09189

OEM Replacement

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Replacement maintenance gasket kit for Drolet, Flame, Osburn and Enerzone pellet stoves. This gasket kit contains multiple cleanout access gaskets and multiple burnpot gaskets offering you years of service for your SBI stove. Fits the following models:

Drolet Pellet Stoves:

  • Eco-45

Flame Pellet Stoves:

  • FP-45

Osburn Pellet Stoves:

  • Hybrid 45

Enerzone Pellet Stoves:

  • Bio-45MF

SBI part # AC09189
OEM Replacement part
May fit other models, please check your owner’s manual for part number.

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