Whitfield/Lennox Convection Blower (Includes Gasket)
March 18, 2020
Aftermarket Whitfield/Lennox Auger Bearing
March 18, 2020

Whitfield/Lennox Auger Bearing

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Replacement auger bearing for all Nylatron style lower auger end plates. Works on the insert and freestanding models. Fits all the following Whitfield pellet stoves and some Traditions models ( Only if they have the Nylatron style auger endplate):


  • Advantage I (WP2)
  • Advantage II (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T (WP2)
  • Advantage III (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T Classic (WP2)
  • Advantage Plus (WP7)
  • Optima 2
  • Optima 3
  • Profile 20
  • Profile 30
  • Cascade (WP5)
  • Legend (WP1)
  • Prodigy I (WP3)
  • Prodigy II (WP3)
  • Quest (WP4)
  • Quest Plus (WP4)


  • T300P – (P11)
  • T301P – (P11)
  • T305P – (P11)
  • T308P – (P11)

OEM Replacement Part

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This part does NOT fit the old brass bearing end plate. If you have a brass lower bearing you will need a new end plate as well.

Replacement for Lennox part # 12021101
Old MVHP part number 810112021


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