Aftermarket Combustion Blower (with housing)
October 22, 2019
Whitfield/Lennox Impeller (Exhaust)
October 22, 2019

Whitfield/Lennox Exhaust Blower

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Replacement Whitfield combustion/exhaust blower kit. Includes combustion blower with housing, housing gasket (PP5202), low limit switch (XP3004), molex plug adapter (PP3000), hardware and aluminum transduct (PP7930). The transduct is for the Advantage II-T, III, and II-T Classic models only.

Fits the following Whitfield pellet stove models:

  • Advantage I – (WP2)
  • Advantage II – (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T – (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T Classic – (WP2)
  • Advantage III – (WP2)
  • Advantage Plus – (WP7)
  • Explorer – (WF1)
  • Frontiersman – (WF2)
  • Legend – (WP1)

Whitfield part # 12156009
Replaces old Lennox part number 12126009
OEM Lennox/IHP replacement part

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